editorial illustrations        


︎ American Illustration AI 40 Chosen Winner
As the editorial designer at MSNBC Digital, I conceptualize and create illustrations as well as edit photos for the daily news analysis while maintaining the visual identity of the brand. Here is a selection of photo illustrations made for MSNBC Daily. The featured image above is for a piece about Election Burnout by Anne Helen Peterson. 

Editorial Designer

art directors
Chelsea Stahl, Kara Haupt

MSNBC Digital 

The GOP has enlisted the Supreme Court in its anti-voting rights crusade

Congress has forgotten how to spend money. Earmarks can help.

America's democracy is failing — and the world knows it

What the Georgia runoff election means for the South, and America

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The Supreme Court may boost Citizens United's flood of dark money in politics

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Republicans’ assault on academic freedom has been kicked into high gear in the past few weeks.

Why USPS may need to keep Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

Trump's election transition standoff may do serious damage to national security

Trump's GSA tells Biden the transition can begin. But let's not sugarcoat this failed coup.

Trump's next move might be even more dangerous than his presidency

Trump's lies led to an assault on Congress. He can't remain in office.

Why Arkansas's anti-trans rights law isn't just a trans issue

Blake Bailey upheld Philip Roth's legacy in the worst way

New York's marijuana law can finally reverse the drug war's harm

Facebook's FTC court victory saves Instagram — but not Big Tech

Biden's defense of new airstrikes in Iraq and Syria is weak

The post-Trump federal courts will be a hurdle blocking humane immigration policy for decades.

Tech platforms are finally starting to limit Trump's social media powers.

Why Biden's $6 trillion budget proposal is essentially meaningless

The Supreme Court will not protect our voting rights. Here's who actually might

Elon Musk is Twitter's new philosopher king. It's not looking promising.

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Daylight saving time starts soon. What if it never ends?

Trump's election theft allies need to be expelled from the House

Biden popularity poll amid voting rights vote seems bad. But there's a silver lining.

The GOP wants to cancel Coca-Cola — but keep corporate taxes low

The Covid death toll is too big for Americans' brains to handle

Democrats like Manchin want poor Americans to waste more time

Thanksgiving still on despite Covid-19? Please read this advice from a doctor.

Like America, 'SNL' after Trump will be better for everyone

2020 election results for judges and lower courts matter to voters. That's a good thing.

Trump's 'big lie' has become the GOP's newest voter suppression weapon

Election Day 2020: It's nearly over but Trump won't stop shouting

Senate Democrats can shape Trump's second impeachment trial however they want

As long as Trump controls the GOP, we won't have a third party

Trump's pardons are worth a second impeachment inquiry

A Republican moon tweet highlights the GOP's anti-science beliefs

Biden needs to listen to FDR and end lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court

Trump's Republican tyranny of the minority is entering a terrifying new phase


branding, design fiction, motion      

Department of
Digital Remains

︎ STA 100
︎ PRINT Awards 2020, 1st place, Student
︎ GD USA Awards 2020
︎ Creative Quarterly ‘62 Winner
︎ Communication Arts: Typography (Shortlist)

In 50 years, the dead will outnumber the living on Facebook1 and it will turn into a virtual graveyard. The Department of Digital Remains is a fictional federal agency that keeps a tab on all your virtual actions which will determine your fate in the digital afterlife.

In an age of immortal digital presences, this is a speculative look at what happens to our online selves after we die. This project uses design fiction to examine digital lives through the lens of digital death while trying to answer the question: If we have found ways to treat physical remains of the departed with dignity, why not digital remains?

thesis ADVISORS 
Ellen Lupton
Jennifer Cole Phillips
Annaka Olson
Elaine Lopez
Jason Gottlieb
Graduate Thesis

Maryland Institute College of Art


Thesis Book︎︎︎

case files at the department: before and after trial

Welcome to the Department of Digital Remains.

You have digital karma.

As online souls, you are held accountable

for what you create, promote & allow online.

Our karmic accountant has been

keeping tabs on your virtual actions.

Here at the DDR, we strive to treat

the digital remains of the dead with dignity

and  ensure justice in the digital afterlife.

From the bold fashion choices you

made, to the avocado toasts you shared,

we want your portrait in the

digital afterlife to be an ode to your

unique digital footprint, not a generic

‘Remembering’ above your name.

machinery of the department

colour of each case is determined by the tone of the content they have shared.

Everland is the eternal hall of fame

where your digital self would be preserved

for eons to come. An active participation

is rewarded. Exemplary Netizens are those who

lead an admirable life of duty and

honour and/or brought immense love

and joy into the digital landscape.

case files      

A Digital Eulogy

The pixels of one’s digital footprint form unique portraits of their digital lives. These would include one portrait that expressed the overarching emotional quality of their social media presence and other pixels would reflect their interests and leanings.

What is the digital world if not another

galaxy of countless wounded sentiments?

Even with the best of intentions, you swing

left or right, you are bound to rub someone

the wrong way. Our Committee of Hurt Feelings

checks in on all the agony your words

are causing, knowingly and unknowingly.

We take no responsibility of ensuring

a peaceful digital afterlife to those with

a deplorable digital karma. If your digital

karma is unsatisfactory, your profile will be

banished to Cape Troll.

The Committee of Second Chances will give

you warnings throughout your digital life

and a fair trial to your memory before

sending your case to Cape Troll.

With a postive score, you can choose to

have your profile deleted after death

and earn a peaceful afterlife off the grid

in the Isle of Oblivion.Your loved ones will

receive a key to your digital cabinet.

Our grad show got cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. I got by with a little help
from my friends and set up an immersive installation experience of the fictional department.


In 50 years, the dead will outnumber
the living on Facebook.

Death is bureaucratic.

Our digital lives continue to exist after us.

If there’s an afterlife to our virtual presence, there must be consequences to our online actions.


Can I use design fiction to examine:
the idea of a digital afterlife?

our reductive approach to life and
death online?

our digital lives through the lens of
digital death?


Designers Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby’s ideology for designing for unreality was extremely  influential in my design process. They describe the aesthetics of speculation as “a techno-poetic landscape situated somewhere between what we are and what we have the potential to become.

For the full documentation of the project, view the thesis book︎︎︎



School of the Art
of Denial (S.A.D)

A summer residency for advanced experiential design aimed at ruling party officials and climate change deniers to create their own shiny bubble away from the abrasive world of facts. This school equips its students in elevating their denial and bringing all their utopic experiences to life with augmented reality, virtual reality, holographic installations, single-source news feeds, and more. The students will be trained to create their own versions of realities with a critical inquiry into the idea of ‘truth’.

This was a classroom project that aimed at creating an imaginary art school and developing a brand identity and visual vocabulary for the same.
Ellen Lupton, Jason Gottlieb


︎ Graphis New Talent Annual 2021 Silver
︎ AIGA Flux Blue Ridge, Brand Identity
︎ Adobe Design Achievement Awards Top Talent, Print/Graphic
︎ ICDE Gold Medalist, Graduate Branding
︎ Creative Quarterly ‘61 Runner-up



I created a palette of letters that could be used wherever the words appear as characters through the visual imagery.



If facts are subjective and science a liberal conspiracy, then S.A.D. invites you to create your own alternate reality with VR, AR, holographic installations, single-source news feeds and more with a critical inquiry into the idea of 'truth'.


Book Covers

During the residency, experts in the field will come and enlighten the students in a rich discourse on denial. These were book covers created for fictional books written by some of these masters.

Brand merchandise for the incoming class of deniers



Fresh & Fertile

In India, parents arrange for marriage-ready sons and daughters to meet with prospective matches after a wide search by both the girl's and the boy's families usually within the same communities. This system is known as an arranged marriage. With the internet, this has led to the rise of matchmaking websites such as shaadi.com and Bharatmatrimony.com. Specially in the state of Kerala, where I am from, there is constant pressure on young women to get married at the right age because otherwise, it will be too late to find a good suitor. Which makes me ask: What is the shelf life of a young Indian woman?

Fresh & Fertile is a satirical packaging concept for a range of juices, a play on what is considered a marriageable age and other ideal standards set for a young woman.
Ellen Lupton


︎ Packaging of the World
︎ AIGA Flux Blue Ridge, Packaging 
︎ Creative Quarterly ‘61 Winner


Shelf Life
of a Young Woman

Taking on the idea of a young woman being almost a perishable product with an expiry date, I came up with a faux packaging for a range of juices.

The visual language was derived from the packaging of products that one may see in an Indian household on a daily basis. Some that have been in use for years while some are relatively newer.

All flavours are inspired by actual requirements from people looking for prospective partners for themselves or for their sons.

Available in all socially acceptable shapes
and sizes



The Next
Wave Festival

This classroom project aimed at creating a hypothetical guide for the Next Wave Festival, a contemporary arts festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music that brings the leading and edgy in the field of theatre, dance, music and cinema to the forefront.

Jennifer Cole Phillips